Tattoo Testimonials

Divine Ink Tattoo Testimonials

If you have had a Tattoo done by Divine Ink please feel free to leave a comment below and please feel free to tell others about the experience you had at Divine Ink.

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One Thought on “Tattoo Testimonials

  1. mpainer on June 27, 2012 at 5:07 am said:

    We met Oliver and Claire online when they purchased a PS3 Move system from us when went to drop of the move. We got talking – I do web design on the side and discussed a trade web work for Tattoos.

    My Wife and had always wanted to get a tattoo that meant something special to the both of us. We were very nervous but after getting to know Oliver and Claire we felt at easy.

    We had our tattoos done on June 23 2012 – you can see pics under under Terrace Tattoos – we are not only extremely happy with our tattoos but are very glad to have met 2 new friends – we can not say enough good things about Divine Ink

    Even if you are thinking about getting a Tattoo call Oliver and he will help you out.


    The Paynes

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