Shaylin Marshall

Shaylin started her apprenticeship under Oliver in August of 2015 and completed it in 2016. She spent most of her childhood in the bush and has a deep connection to nature which tends to be reflected in her art. As soon as she could pick up a pencil she never put it back down, often using art as a means of communication when words failed her. She has had a lifelong passion for art and is thrilled to pursue a career in it now here at DivineInk. She also enjoys singing, writing and animals. Shaylin charges $120 an hour.

To contact Shaylin and view her full portfolio go to

                                  or 250-615-2603

“I find tattooing to be truly beautiful, not only is it permanent artwork, but it also requires pain and endurance to acquire, and where true beauty lies,                                                                               so too does pain.”46108127_2127831583915118_8908897550803664896_n 46137527_2127831477248462_8796830850344812544_n 46199150_2127831430581800_7458599395454353408_n 46237114_2127831480581795_8620207187949518848_n 46258796_2127831563915120_1190974635676532736_n 46275285_2127831590581784_5447663847399751680_n 46325571_2127831467248463_4215239637695725568_n 46344032_2127831487248461_5202189759010570240_n

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