Oliver Brown

DivineInk’s senior artist and founder, Oliver has never wondered for a second what he would do for a living, drawing since he could crawl, all he ever thought about was using it for a career. He started his pursuit of becoming a professional tattoo artist by constantly getting tattooed at well established shops in his hometowns of Nanaimo and Victoria. Some of his mentors have been Tom Gunn (Devil’s Den Vancouver), Jimbo North (currently at Adrenaline Vancouver), Cliff Jarvis, and Gary (Pair’o’Dice Victoria). He had a rocky start to his career until he found Christ and devoted his life to him. Oliver now has a rock solid portfolio and has become an amazing artist, he tattoos every day and loves living life to its fullest. He specializes in lettering and also enjoys skulls (LOTS of skulls) Japanese, and portrait realism which has been his latest passion and he hopes to continue to work on and hone his skill as a portrait artist. Oliver is very versatile and laid back he enjoys conquering every challenge the client throws at him! Oliver also loves to airbrush in his spare time and pretty much anything he can do outdoors off-roading, hunting, fishing, he loves it all. Oliver was recently published in Central City Ink tattoo magazine. Oliver is strongly influenced by Jeff Gogue, Bob Tyrrell, Steve Soto, Nikko Hurtado and most of all Brandon Bond. Oliver charges $200 an hour.

To contact Oliver (250) 279-1179